Alastair Ross Technology Centre

April 18, 2022

The project involved a three storey, 60,000-ft² expansion with 125 new above-ground parking spaces. CANA worked with the owners to assess the building requirements for the potential high-tech research and development tenants. This "smart" building incorporates the aesthetics of a modern building and provides the communication and security systems necessary to respond to the needs of the technologically advanced tenants.

CANA performed this project on a design-build basis in partnership with Stantec Consulting. Construction lasted six months, with design-build tenant improvements completed within three months, for a total project duration of nine months. The project included developing "incubator" spaces on the main level for start-up businesses, joining the new building to the existing one via a two-storey walkway, installing "smart" laboratories, and executing various tenant improvements. CANA’s tenant improvements for new and existing businesses were completed without hindering the tenants’ ongoing operations.