ATCO High Level Service Centre and Warehouse

March 17, 2020

An time-efficient, durable solution.

The ATCO High Level Service Centre and Warehouse includes a 5,600 ft2 single-storey office and an 8,100 ft2 shop and service bay, located 740 kilometres north of Edmonton and serves the Town of High Level and surrounding area.

ATCO High level 2

CANA, as the Design-Builder, selected a structural pre-cast concrete solution, in partnership with Eagle Builders, that included foundations, walls and envelope. This design solution was time efficient to meet the aggressive six-month schedule, as well as provided good durability and building performance.

The shop and service area features three double car lane bays for up to 12 service vehicles. The adjoining office area features basic finishes including laminate floors, drywall and T-bar ceilings. CANA also provided locker rooms with a separate shower area for staff.

The ATCO Service Centre is a strong example of our quality philosophy of doing it right once. The original design concept by the Owner included concrete foundations. CANA investigated the site and surrounding community in advance to determine significant expansion to the soil during the freeze-thaw cycle. To reduce potential for heaving, CANA revised the design so that the building and site furnishings were built on screw piles in lieu of concrete foundations. This allowed footings to reach a depth of nine feet. There was no negative impact to schedule or cost as a result of this change and the alternate piling system would ultimately perform better over time and reduce future potential issues.