MFA Setup

Please use this information to setup MFA so that you can access CANA resources.  You will need the following resources to successfully complete the setup.

  • Valid CANA Username & Password
  • Mobile device
  • Ability to download & install the SecureAuth app on the mobile device
  • Computer, or another device that is not your mobile device

On Mobile device

  • Go to your app store (Apple App Store, or Google Play Store)
  • Search for SecureAuth Authenticate
  • Install the SecureAuth Authenticate app

On 2nd device

  1. Open a web browser on your 2nd device (not your mobile phone) and navigate to
  2. Type in your Username (last name, first initial. eg. smithj) and password
  3. Submit
  4. Choose the phone number that you want to get a one time code from. 
  5. Submit
  6. Wait to get a text message, or voice call on the phone number selected
  7. Enter the one time code in to the page (a 6 digit number)
  8. Submit

On Mobile Device

  1. Open the Authenticate app on your phone
  2. Tap the plus ( + ) button in the upper left, choose Connect with QR code
  3. Scan the QR code from the 2nd device
  4. Enter a PIN code.  This PIN code it used to access the backup authentication method
  5. View the One Time Code

On 2nd device

  1. Type in the One Time Code before it changes
  2. Click Enable
  3. You should now have a success message.  You can close the page.

Common Issues

Q: My phone number is not listed, is wrong, I want to use a diffrent number
A: Please contact CANA Helpdesk.  The phone number listed come from your HR file.  HR may not have the most up to date number for you.