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Meeting Banff's environmental requirements.

The Banff Homestead Inn is a three-storey hotel with a loft space that is currently under construction in Banff, Alberta. The 77-suite hotel also features two apartments and is being constructed over a single-storey underground parkade. The structure features a combination of concrete and steel, with the exterior walls, framing and roof comprised of wood.

The site is challenging as it is located in Banff National Park and adjacent to an operational restaurant. Major considerations have been traffic management and environmental controls. We have been successful at minimizing landfill garbage, which has been recognized by the Town of Banff.

CANA has been involved in pre-construction of the project since the conceptual stages and we have provided estimating and design review for various iterations of the project. CANA supported the owner over a five-year period to respond to budget changes, community engagement, and permit conditions.

The Homestead Inn Redevelopment Project has been tracking and measuring the total waste production and materials recycled, including: concrete, asphalt, wood, cardboard & paper, metals and plastics. The demolition phase of their project reached a 95% diversion rate! They have also brought an additional bin on site to compost the food waste that results from staff working on site. Their overall target is 75% diversion and they are well on track to achieve it. Big congrats to the Homestead Inn & CANA team on being one of Banff’s Zero Waste Heroes!

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