City of Calgary Traffic Signal Construction

April 28, 2020

CANA Energy has held The City of Calgary Traffic Signal Construction contract since 1995. Our experienced team performs underground civil work including the installation of conduit and concrete bases. In addition, we provide the people and equipment necessary to install the traffic signal heads and to erect the steel structures.

Our workload has steadily increased and we have developed the manpower and equipment to employ numerous crews to meet our clients’ needs.

Our work includes the installation of new traffic and pedestrian crossing signals, full and partial rebuilds of signals in conjunction with road and interchange projects, as well as planned replacement and maintenance of existing traffic signal structures.

In addition to standard signal installations, our crews are experienced with the installation and maintenance of Dynamic Message Signs, Bluetooth Detection Systems, Red Light Cameras and Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons at pedestrian crossings. For all installations we practice minimal disturbance techniques such as coring and hydrovacing.

We enjoy an excellent working relationship with The City of Calgary engineering and construction personnel.